Karrin Allyson: Looking for hope in heartbreak

Karrin Allyson at the Jazz24 studios
Karrin Allyson at the Jazz24 studios
Karrin Allyson performing live at the Jazz24 studios. Credit Justin Steyer / KPLU

Relive last week’s studio session with vocalist/pianist, Karrin Allyson, who was joined by guitarist Rod Fleeman.

Karrin has just released a CD called Round Midnight, which explores heartbreak. The first song she performed in this studio session was Paul Simon’s April Come She Will, from the new CD.

“Choosing the material [for the CD] was challenging because, yes, they are heartbreak tunes but there’s always a tinge of hope … and life,” she told KPLU jazz host Dick Stein after the first song.

And it’s that tinge of hope that makes the cumulative affect of Round Midnight uplifting rather than saddening.

The duo also performed Bill Evans’ Turn Out The Stars and Charlie Chaplin’s Smile (video below).

Between songs she and Dick discussed the craft of songwriting and the relationship between acting and singing.

It’s a lovely set of songs from one of the world’s finest jazz singers and one of our all-time favorite studio guests, Karrin Allyson.


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