Sophie Milman: A young jazz singer on the move

Sophie performing at Jazz24
Sophie performing at Jazz24
Sophie Milman performs in the Jazz24 studios on November 29, 2011. Credit Justin Steyer / KPLU

It would seem that jazz vocalist, Sophie Milman is in motion constantly.  She was born in Russia, raised in Israel and moved to Canada when she was in her late teens.  Now, at age 27, she’s just released her 6th CD and seems to be perpetually on tour.

With someone moving as fast as Sophie, we were lucky to get her and her band into the KPLU studios for a live performance/interview, hosted by Kevin Kniestedt.

Between songs, Sophie and Kevin discussed her family’s move from Russia in 1990 and why her father’s jazz record collection was one of the few things they took with them to Israel. They also discuss how Sophie recently overcame the trauma of temporarily losing her voice and why it’s such a delight for jazz artists to perform in Japan.

Their conversation is engaging but Sophie was here to sing and she made the most of every song, beginning with Oh, Look At Me Now, followed by a very sparse, lovely arrangement of Till There Was You and wrapping up with the easy-swinging, Let Me Love You.


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