Lynne Arriale Live in the Jazz24 Studios

Lynn Arriale playing live at Jazz24

When pianist Lynne Arriale released her first CD in 1994, KPLU began playing music from it right away. It was clear to us that Lynne had that “something extra” that separates good musicians from great musicians.

Over the course of her career she’s continued to build on that quality, so we were especially pleased to finally welcome her as a guest artist in our Seattle performance studio.

She arrived with bassist, Omer Avital, and drummer, Anthony Pinciotti. Omer and Anthony joined her on three songs, Call Me, Dance of The Rain (featuring Omer playing the oud) and Crawfish Gumbo. In keeping with that ‘something extra,’ Lynne also performed a solo piano piece, And So It Goes, from her brand-new CD, Lynne Arriale—Solo.


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