The Tierney Sutton Band: A true group effort

Tierney Sutton performing live in the Jazz24 studios on May 2, 2012. Photo by Justin Steyer

Singer Tierney Sutton’s band were in deep discussion five minutes before their live in-studio performance on KPLU last Wednesday, trying to decide which three songs to play for our audience. It was just one example of how interconnected each member of this quartet really is.

We learned more about each band member’s extra-musical skills were divided, how they’d go about sharing their surely impending Grammy Award (they’ve been nominated for five so far), and Tierney told us about walking the fine line as lyrical story teller and vocal improviser.

The band played three diverse tunes:  the bluesy “Wayfaring Stranger,” the lesser-known Harold Arlen ditty “The Eagle and Me,” and an exciting trip through George and Ira Gershwin’s classic “It Ain’t Necessarily So.”

2 thoughts on “The Tierney Sutton Band: A true group effort

  1. What a delight. Always love live music. First time I scholled down on the screen and discovered this live performances. Keep it up. I listen via the web from Oceanside, California . Discovered your station on our last visit to Seattle last year. Thank you 

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