Around The Jazz Internet: June 1, 2012

Written by Patrick Jarenwattananon from National Public Radio

Other news from this past week:

  • Jerry Gonzalez and the Fort Apache Band, a cornerstone band for the New York Latin jazz community, are profiled briefly in the New York Daily News.
  • RIP Pete Cosey, guitarist with Miles Davis during his “electric” years, among tons of other work.
  • Incredibly funny stories from the Jim Cullum Jazz Band, a trad-jazz outfit. They’re the folks on Riverwalk Jazz. Jim Cullum himself has a blog too.
  • Capitalbop, the D.C. DIY presenter/blog/show calendar/hub/main gig of a NPR Music contributor is profiled at the Washington Post.
  • Interview with Mazz Swift for She’s a versatile violinist based in the New York area with a new string trio record.
  • On the construction of Wynton Marsalis’ Cultural Authority.” It’s about the rhetoric Wynton uses.
  • Muhal Richard Abrams, pianist and composer, was named a Living Legacy Awardee by the Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation. This is not long after receiving an honorary doctorate from Columbia University.
  • Suspicious activity at a jazz club in Turkey.
  • A 1975 assessment of Charlie Parker. The first word is not reprintable.
  • RIP Don Wilson, Philadelphia cop — and jazz musician.
  • Jazz writer says the Internet is changing the way his brain processes live music. TL;DR.
  • On the golf supply store which hosts jazz shows.
  • Apparently, brass are Republicans and woodwinds are Democrats, says one political columnist. (I would think many jazz trumpeters would object to that.)
  • Destination: Out features a Jazz Composers Orchestra record helmed by trombonist Roswell Rudd.
  • The Jazz Session spoke with guitarist Miles Okazaki and vocalist Nicky Schrire.
  • The Checkout sat down with Henry Cole and had organist Jared Gold in the studio.

Elsewhere at NPR Music:

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