Around The Jazz Internet: Aug. 24, 2012

Written by Patrick Jarenwattananon from National Public Radio


  • Thelonious Monk Competition semifinalists were announced this week. Ethan Iverson was upset about the whole idea of jazz and competition. I’ll have more on this next week.
  • Considering Donald Byrd in the ’70s, and other disco-jazz gems as explained by Darcy James Argue.
  • ESP-Disk’, the record label which documented much of the great free jazz classics of the 1960s and beyond, is the subject of a new oral history. Unsavory elements are not glossed over, this review would indicate.
  • RIP Byard Lancaster, the saxophonist based in Philadelphia. The interview linked above has more on the man.
  • Another New York jazz club plans a record label associated with their enterprise. That makes at least three (Smalls, Blue Note, Iridium) by my count.
  • “Live Jazz is Stale,” the blog post claims. I agree with some of this, although I wouldn’t exactly use that headline!
  • “Write A Song,” this blog post claims, rather than play a bunch of standards and call it an album. I hear where this is coming from, but ultimately disagree: Who cares what tunes you play as long as it sounds good?
  • An Irish jazz festival takes its name from the great anti-jazz campaign of the 1930s.
  • Miles Davis, the door. Kind of, maybe, say, 1973 or later.
  • AllAboutJazz has posted interviews with all of Pat Metheny’s new Unity Band: Ben Williams, Antonio Sanchez, Chris Potter, Pat himself.
  • JazzWax highlights some great commercials featuring jazz musicians.
  • The Jazz Session spoke with Nashville saxophonist Rahsaan Barber and the folks behind the city’s W.O. Smith Music School.
  • The Checkout has more Newport highlights.

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