Elizabeth Doyle On Piano Jazz

Singer, pianist, and composer Elizabeth Doyle is one of Chicago’s most captivating performers. She blends a dreamy vocal style with swinging piano work, deftly accompanying herself on both classic standards and her own compositions.

A Brief History Of Jazz Education, Pt. 1

Today, institutions of higher learning — high schools, summer camps and university-level programs — are an industry unto themselves, dominating formal jazz pedagogy. But before they arrived, many creative individuals had plenty of reasons to seek them out.

Following “Blues With a Feeling” through cutting-edge changes

Here’s a perfect example of a song that changed with the times, and was at the cutting edge of those changes. Drummer and singer Rabon Tarrant recorded “Blues With a Feeling” in 1947, a time when big band swing music was in transition to rock and roll. This version straddles