The New Standards: A Supergroup Celebrates ‘Snow Days’

Written by Peter Valelly from KCMP-FM

A jazz trio and Minnesota music supergroup, The New Standards features singer and pianist Chan Poling of The Suburbs, singer and bassist John Munson of Semisonic and Trip Shakespeare, and vibraphonist Steve Roehm of Electropolis and Billy Goat. With a repertoire composed largely of holiday classics and unexpected covers of contemporary pop and rock favorites, the band has long been a must-see live, but it’s also hit the studio a handful of times, releasing albums in 2005 and 2008.

The group remains best known for its much-beloved, insanely popular and always sold-out annual holiday show — which invariably culminates in the Trip Shakespeare song “Snow Days,” complete with snow falling from the rafters of St. Paul’s Fitzgerald Theater.

  • Photo: Steven Cohen
  • Video: Nate Ryan
  • Audio: Michael DeMark
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