Remembering Mulgrew Miller On JazzSet

The whole keyboard was Miller’s canvas. His left hand could stride and swing with great authority, and when the two hands got together, he sent the train down the tracks. Hear music from WBGO’s 25th-anniversary party, the Detroit Jazz Festival and the Kennedy Center Jazz Club.

Brandee Younger: Taxidermy, Two-Headed Skeletons And Jazz Harp

Among the vestment racks, satchel purveyors and art galleries of New York’s SoHo neighborhood lies a small merchant which peddles preserved insects, skulls, bones and other geological findings. Unnerved — well, mostly — the improvising harpist generates a Caribbean bounce amid the glass cases.

Christian McBride: Music Is About People, Not Grammys

The bassist has made the rounds with some of the best jazz musicians in the world, including Wynton Marsalis and Herbie Hancock. But for McBride, staying in the swing of things means reaching audiences. Guest host Celeste Headlee speaks with McBride about his new album, People Music.

Carlos Cascante y su Tumbao: Jazz Caliente … Live!

By Robin Lloyd and Justin Steyer Every Thursday afternoon at 2 p.m. on our sister station, KPLU KPLU, Robin Lloyd presents a feature called Jazz Caleinte—a set of three Latin jazz songs that are embellished by Robin’s comments and insights into all forms of Latin and Afro-Cuban jazz. Recently Robin hosted