Pacific Lutheran University Announces It Plans To Sell Jazz24/KPLU To Seattle Station KUOW

Pacific Lutheran University says it is selling KPLU to another Seattle public radio station — KUOW.

The agreement would result in two stations: KUOW would continue to broadcast NPR and northwest news.  KPLU’s current signal would covert to an all-jazz format.

KUOW would take over operation of both stations. Thomas Krise, President of Pacific Lutheran University says the deal with the University of Washington is worth $8 million.

“KPLU has been a really terrific service for our region, and it’s been a great partner for the university over this period of time. We’re very pleased to have the University of Washington and KUOW as the buyer for this asset.”

The proceeds of this sale will go to PLU’s endowment, which currently stands at more than $85 million dollars.

The University of Washington Board of Regents is voting this afternoon on the proposal.

PLU hopes to finalize the details by the end of December. The deal will then go to federal regulators for approval. That process usually takes four to six months.

KPLU employs 36 people full time and 15 part time.

University Of Washington/Pacific Lutheran University Press Release Of The Sale


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13 thoughts on “Pacific Lutheran University Announces It Plans To Sell Jazz24/KPLU To Seattle Station KUOW

  1. I hate that you would sell KPLU for the sake of your endowment fund. I’ve listened (and deep enjoyed) KPLU for years, always proud that “my university” would own such a quality station. While working in Tanzania this last year, I was even able to tune into KPLU’s amazing 24/7 and have told many of my readers about it. There’s not much I, a faithful reader and alumnus (’68), can do about it except to remember to say “No thank you” next time you call asking for money. Really, $85,000,000 in your endowment fund.

    Marvin Kananen, class of 1968

    1. Good for you, Mr, Kananen. Eighty-five million dollars and they need more? What are they trying to do – hire away Kentucky’s basketball coach?

  2. I am really bummed about all this. I like YOU GUYS. You will let us all know when the change is complete? And the web location for the jazz? Will it be the same format, twenty-four hour jazz? etc.

  3. Hello,

    My name is Tom Losh and I am a JAZZ24 listener and Sustaining Member with concerns about the sale of KPLU to the University of Washington.

    Many of my concerns I’m sure have been addressed by others, such as the fate of current KPLU staff, and the extreme Seattle-centric point of view of KUOW.

    There is, however, something mentioned only once so far by Caryn Mathes in her Interview with The Stranger:

    “…if the primary signal that you’re closest to is 88.5, and it’s going to be all jazz now, we could put the news content—we could simulcast 94.9’s content on 88.5 HD 2…”

    Excuse me! 88.5 HD2 is already in use!

    What concerns me in that simple statement is that KPLU HD2 is already occupied by the main reason I am a supporting member: JAZZ24

    So, to the heart of the matter: What is going to happen to JAZZ24?

    I currently have three HD radio receivers tuned to 88.5 HD2, including one in my car. That is how I listen to JAZZ24. Not streaming over the internet, or from my cellphone, but broadcast over-the-air. Hopefully those in charge of operating a radio station understand there is a vast difference between over-the-air broadcast and access via a phone app or internet streaming.

    I need to know that in the mad dash to create a Metropolitan Mega-Station in Seattle, JAZZ24 on FM radio won’t just be plowed under as collateral damage. Don’t just tell me that what I listen to via HD radio I can simply get on the internet instead, or, to quote Caryn again “…if you Bluetooth it through your phone in your car, you could still get it.”

    As a listener to, and Sustaining Member of, JAZZ24 via KPLU I am not looking forward to Mathes Magical Metropolitan Mega-Station, I am instead very concerned that I will lose the reason I have been a Supporting Member for years.

    I need to be reassured that in the Mission to create a Magical Mega-Station all else will not be destroyed.

    Should what I support as a member vanish, so will my support.

    Thank you for your time and attention

    Tom Losh
    University Place, WA

  4. First of all, you probably need to know that I hate change. I’ve never seen any change result in an improvement.

    I have only recently discovered your station. I had to abandon an online jazz station from Philadelphia that I had listened to for almost three years. It almost killed me to do it, but I had to – they made a ‘change’ that messed up reception, and I got tired of trying to make it work. I will expect nothing less from this action.

    KPLU has the best playlist I’ve ever heard, and I’m certainly going to miss it. Just this once, I hope the federal regulators drag their feet and take forever.

  5. I hope that the sale of the station does not change or degrade the content of your broadcasts. I am always suspicious of a change of ownership and experience has shown that the content never remains the same. KPLU is one of the best jazz stations I have ever encountered and I do understand the need to enhance your endowment. Please tell me this won’t be another loss to economic concerns. I live in Brooklyn NY and since discovering your station via the internet it is the only jazz station I stream and listen to regularly. It would be a shame to lose it.

    1. Of course it’s going to change the content. New owners always believe they have better ideas. Why else would they have wanted the station?

  6. I have asked this question before, but will ask it again — what will happen to Jazz24 in this proposed sale to KUOW? More importantly, what will happen to my monthly support for Jazz24? Where will that money go if I don’t stop my monthly donation?

  7. I always listen to Abe Beeson from Wollongong, Australia ( it’s a morning show “down under” on the bottom of the world). I support the comments of the other folk on this site & hope Jazz24 can survive unchanged.

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