The Tierney Sutton Band Meets The Chairman of the Board

The Chairman of the Board. Ol’ Blue Eyes. Those are just two of the appellations applied to Frank Sinatra over his long and revolutionary career. To celebrate Sinatra’s 100th birthday (December 12, 1915) the Tierney Sutton Band launched a tour called “A Century Of Sinatra.” When they brought the show to Seattle, we invited this marvelous singer and her long-time trio for a studio session.

When she wasn’t singing, Tierney talked with Abe Beeson about the lasting impact of Sinatra’s contribution to American music. She also talked about how she “gets into character” for a song and drops a few tips for aspiring jazz singers.


1: Fly Me To The Moon

2: East Of The Sun

3: The Last Dance/Dancing In The Dark


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