The Navy Band Northwest Jazz Combo, ‘The Cascades’ — A Pretty Sweet Gig

All the members of this U.S. Navy Sextet agree that serving their country by playing jazz is a pretty sweet gig.

Heck, yes! Unlike most young jazz musicians, they have steady work, decent pay, job security and great benefits. And do they ever have fun.

Other military jazz bands that we’ve hosted seem to gravitate to music from the golden age of jazz—the ‘modern jazz’ of the late 50s through mid-60s—guided by the greats: artists like Miles, Coltrane and Bill Evans.

The Cascades, though, draw their inspiration from an even earlier time—the good-time swing of the 30s and 40s along with an always welcome (and welcoming) dose of good ol’ New Orleans Second Line.

So…you wanna have some fun? Listen to this.

The Cascades:

Robbie Taylor: trumpet/vocal

James Choate: trombone

Jared Brannon: saxes

Matt Jones: piano

Pete Mattice: bass

Bruce Fisher: drums


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