Bass, Vocals, Writing: Marina Christopher Is A Hip Cat

A product of Mountlake Terrace High School and Central Washington University’s strong jazz programs, Marina Christopher has developed into a multi-talentend, highly in-demand artist on the Seattle jazz scene.

She’s worked with singers Eugenie Jones, Jacqueline Tabor and Billy Brandt. She leads a soul group called Marina and the Dreamboats. You’ll find her playing bass and singing at Sea-Tac Airport now and again, and she brought in five terrific musicians with her to celebrate her latest album, “Must Love Cats.”

Through three of her own compelling and sweet compositions, we were left at the end of her session thinking our listeners Must Love Marina Christopher!


1. Must Love Cats

2. Self-Love

3. Zoe


Marina Christopher – bass/vocals

George Bullock – guitar

Nick Allison – piano

Jamael Nance – drums

Frank Vitolo – tenor sax

Peter Daniel – baritone sax


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