Mark O’Connor: World-Class Violinist , Down Home With His Family Band

Mark O’Connor is a flexible master of the violin, or fiddle – depending on the music, earning awards playing classical, jazz, and bluegrass. It’s this last style that dominates on his latest album, “Coming Home,” which finds Mark joined by his musical family: wife Maggie on violin and vocals, son Forrest on mandolin and vocals, and Forrest’s wife Kate Lee also playing violin and on vocals.

It was a down-home departure from the usual knkx jazz session, and our studio audience embraced this country-fied swing — the family’s unique blend of bluegrass, progressive jazz, indie-folk and good ol’ Americana is impossible to resist.


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1 thought on “Mark O’Connor: World-Class Violinist , Down Home With His Family Band

  1. Thanks! I am SO glad you guys are not only still on the air, but THRIVING. In an ever increasing world of insanity and decline, you are one of the few VERY bright spots…

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