Pearl Django — With Mandolinist Don Stiernberg

Back in 1999, and out of nowhere, the KNKX (then ‘KPLU’) music department received a CD called “About Time” by a mandolin player named Don Stiernberg. Frankly, it didn’t look all that promising but, of course, we gave it a listen. To our collective surprise, it was delightful and we began playing it on the air, much to the delight of our listeners. That was the first (and almost the last) time we heard from the guy.

Fast forward 16 or 17 years and, lo and behold, we find out that Don Stiernberg will be performing in Seattle with our favorite Gypsy jazz band, Pearl Django. Well, we immediately invited them in for a live studio session. It was great to finally meet Don and to learn that his mandolin playing had gotten even more extraordinary. This session will be a treat for all mandolin fans and a revelation for people who think that mandolin only works in bluegrass bands. Enjoy.


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