Pearl Django And Gail Pettis — The Beginning Of A New Year’s Tradition?

For at least a decade, gypsy jazz group, Pearl Django, has performed at Seattle’s Jazz Alley on the first days (well — evenings) of the new year. For the past few years, the groups’ guest has been Seattle vocalist, Gail Pettis.

Also for the past few years, 88.5 has had these folks in for a ‘first of the new year’ live studio session. Is this the beginning of knkx New Year’s tradition? We hope so.

In this ‘first of 2017’ session, Pearl Django, Gail, and drummer D’Vonne Lewis had a great time, played wonderfully and delighted the audience. We also found out how it sounds when a gypsy swing band plays the blues.


Michael Gray (violin), Rick Leppanin (bass), David Lange (accordion), Tim Lerch (guitar), Gail Pettis (vocals), D’Vonne Lewis (drums)


Host: Nick Morrison, Audio Engineer: John Kessler

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