Sammy Miller & The Congregation: Preaching A Sermon Of Fun

Jazz fans talk often about the need to introduce the music to younger fans. Live in the KNKX studios, drummer Sammy Miller and his band of 20-somethings are getting their attention by having fun.

Their just-released debut “The Mixtape” is a solid document, but the real fun is in seeing this group in action live.

Working a few originals into their energized versions of classic jazz and vaudeville-era pop tunes, this is a band determined to entertain you, in the tradition of scarf-waving Louis Armstrong and wide-smiling Fats Waller. Their tagline is “We play joyful jazz” and the joy was thick in the KNKX studios – we have the tape to prove it.

This was one of the most visually exciting studio sessions we’ve had, from the dancing horn section and shouted group vocals to a version of “Ain’t Misbehavin'” that was a marvel of arranging, teamwork, and silliness. Sammy sings right to you at home, and the band’s “Just Me and My Radio” breakdowns into live “clips” of FM radio hits may just go viral.

Feel free to share our studio sessions with your friends, we know they will get a kick out of Sammy Miller & the Congregation.


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