Grace Kelly | Live Studio Session

If you were to take a look at Grace Kelly’s resume, you might assume she’s in her fifties or sixties. To her credit, she has 10 album releases (including the recently released “Trying To Figure It Out”), several awards, performances with the Boston Pops, a performance for President Obama, and collaborations with dozens of top flight musicians. But she has done all of this by age 24.

Grace spent much of 2016 with television bands, including the house band for “Late Show with Stephen Colbert.” While Grace said she enjoys doing television band work, her biggest love is still traveling, doing shows and interacting with people.

Grace also talked about transitioning from being called a “teen prodigy” to really wanting to just be “Grace.”

Grace entertained with performances of “Lemons Make Lemonade,” “Trying To Figure It Out” and a high-energy version of “Amazing Grace.”

The Grace Kelly Quartet is Grace Kelly (saxophone and vocals), Julian Pollack (keyboards), Julia Pederson (bass), and Ross Pederson (drums).


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