Seattle’s Freudian Slurp – Cinematic Jazz And Plenty Of Puns

Following on their debut album, Edible Complex, Seattle’s modern jazz outfit Freudian Slurp has just released their latest, called Get It? Their sense of humor confirmed, the question was “do they have the music to back up their irreverence?” Yes, they do.

Formed by the Hughes Brothers, Dylan on electric bass and Ian on guitar, with drummer Kyle Kirkpatrick nearly a decade ago, Freudian Slurp has been evolving into a dramatic, cinematic powerhouse on their new album.

The dual role of Dave Dolengewicz alternating on saxophone and clarinet enable the band to suggest different characters for their music, adding to the psychedelic rock guitar of Ian Hughes and the dancing keys work of Jon Goneau.

To start their studio session, the rhythm section directed the plot twists through a thrilling reinterpretation of the Beatles’ (another punny band name!) classic pop tale “Eleanor Rigby”.

Their own composition “The Skeleton Boss” evokes a musical score to a psychological thriller-meets-romantic comedy-meets-road movie, with shifting dynamics of volume, tempo and emotion. Earning smiles from our studio audience, the band closed with the imagined doggie cop drama theme “Probable Paws”, a favorite on the KNKX modern jazz program The New Cool.

Whether or not their sense of humor matches your own, there’s no denying the fun you’ll have with the adventurous music of Freudian Slurp.


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