The Celebration of The Drum: Opening Night at Ballard Jazz Festival

Opening night at the 17th Annual Ballard Jazz Festival was again A Celebration of the Drum, featuring three drummer-led quartets playing at Conor Byrne in Old Ballard. The drummers are Steve Korn, DVonne Lewis, and Jeff Busch, each representing a different style of performing on drums and percussion. Excerpts from the night including two tunes by each group air on this week’s Jazz Northwest.

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Featured musicians include Mark Taylor, Dawn Clement, Cliff Colon, Jacques Willis, Marina Albero and Serena Albero. The Celebration of The Drum played to a full house on the first of four nights of the 2019 Ballard Festival. The annual festival is presented by Origin Records at various locations around the oldest part of Ballard. The Artistic and Managing Directors are John Bishop and Matt Jorgensen.

Jazz Northwest is recorded and produced by host Jim Wilke and airs on KNKX Public Radio Sundays at 2 p.m. Listeners may also subscribe to the podcast at AppleGoogle or Spotify.


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