‘Mercy, Mercy’ and young Hendrix showcase the rhythm in R&B

This song emphasizes the “rhythm” in “rhythm & blues.” “Mercy, Mercy” or “Have Mercy” was recorded by Don Covay in 1964. It features 22-year-old Jimi Hendrix on guitar. He’s still a few years away from his own solo career, but his guitar playing is recognizable. After his stint in the

Graham Dechter

Graham Dechter: Youth steeped in tradition.  December 10, 2012.

Just a ‘Spoonful’ of blues … and the rest is history

It’s a modern blues standard with roots in the 1920’s, one of Willie Dixon’s many great compositions, and it can trace its origin in part to a Charlie Patton song from 1929: “A Spoonful Blues.” In 1960 Howlin’ Wolf recorded “Spoonful,” a track many consider one of the defining songs

Passing of Dave Brubeck Leaves Impact on Many

  by Kevin Kniestedt “Dave set an example that any musician would be wise to follow – to be loving and treat everyone around you with respect, and create new music every minute we have on this earth.” – Pianist Taylor Eigsti Jazz pianist Dave Brubeck, responsible for the recording