Tracking the ‘Big Road Blues’ and a soul sold at the crossroads

Tommy Johnson’s songs may not be very well known, but he was a hugely influential blues player and also may be the source of one of the most enduring legends of the blues – the Devil and the Crossroads. While this legend is sometimes associated with Robert Johnson (no relation),

Cheryl Jewell

Bellingham vocalist Cheryl Jewell: Coming home to jazz.  August 2, 2012.

Trumpeter Terence Blanchard finishes opera set to debut next June

Jazz trumpeter and composer Terence Blanchard tweeted this afternoon that he had just finished the writing of a new opera called Champion. The work is set to premier June 15-30 2013 at the Opera Theatre of Saint Louis. This is from Blanchard’s Facebook page this afternoon: Just finished writing my

Hearing, more than smell, brings (my) memories to life

I know. I know. It is widely assumed and believed that smell is the strongest sense tied to memory. But for me (and a handful of musicians that I spoke to), music – in some cases even just a few bars of a song – can draw upon some of