“Eyesight To The Blind” and the Rock Opera “Tommy”

Sonny Boy Williamson was a blues originator who helped shape the sound of modern blues. In his life, he knew the first generation of Delta bluesmen, and would go on to see the birth of modern rock music. He played with Robert Johnson in the 1930’s, and with Eric Clapton

“Traveling Riverside Blues” and the Roots of Led Zeppelin

Robert Johnson has become a mythical figure of the blues, who acquired his prodigious skills in a deal with the devil at the crossroads. The truth is he was a man who worked very hard to turn himself into a musician. His early attempts at music –sitting in with legends

Curtis Stigers

Curtis Stigers performslive in the KPLU Seattle Studios on September 11, 2012.

The Piedmont Blues of “Crow Jane”

It’s hard to trace the exact source of “Crow Jane”, but it’s a song that has outlasted many others from the early days of the blues. Its roots lay in the Piedmont region of Virginia and North and South Carolina. Rev. Gary Davis was known to perform it during the