Jazz24 Staff

The New Triumph’s Dynamic Grooves

“It’s not loud, it’s more… dynamic” percussionist Ricardo Guity told our studio audience as The New Triumph prepared ...


Thomas Marriott’s New Quintet At Seattle Art Museum

Thomas Marriott’s new working band played the February concert in the Art Of Jazz series presented by Earshot ...


Fresh Sounds From Bi-Coastal Jessica Lurie

A Seattle native who’s been soaking in the energy of New York City for the past half dozen ...


Susan Pascal Quintet “Remembering Stan Getz” With Guest Pete Christlieb

https://cpa.ds.npr.org/kplu/audio/2018/02/jnw180225-susan___pete_01.mp3 Vibist Susan Pascal invited saxophonist Pete Christlieb to join her group at Tula’s in a celebration of ...