Behind The Beat

Behind The Beat looks at important moments and movements in music history, and the people who made the big advances in Jazz, Rock, Blues and Pop. Hosts Nick Morrison and John Kessler bring musician’s ears and radio host’s knowledge for 3 minutes of musical discovery.

An Introduction To Trance Blues, A Little-Known Music Genre Not Even On Wikipedia

Today we’re going to talk about a genre of blues that’s so rare it barely has a name. ...


The Evolution Of Reggae: How It Became The Protest Music We Can Dance To

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Following The Funk To Its Shake-Your-Booty Maturity With Its Architect, James Brown

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Behind The Beat: How Jaco Pastorius Launched A One-Man Revolution On The Bass

  You probably know “Birdland” by the group Weather Report well enough to sing along with the melody. ...