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Today, we are excited to unveil the new Jazz24 logo!

When we set out to redesign the logo, we wanted something that would reflect the dynamism and vibrancy of the music itself. We think we captured it here. The look is inspired by classic jazz album covers and the letters are arranged as if they sit like notes on a sheet of music.

Did you know that the word “jazz” is the same in almost every language? Jazz24 has listeners around the globe and the new look tells listeners that no matter what language they speak, we are brought together by the language of jazz.

Jazz24 Logo

In addition to the new look, we are continuing to invest in Jazz24 in other ways. You can expect to see improvements to the Jazz24 app and website coming soon. We are committed to serving the entire world with this powerful art form.

Thank you for listening and for loving jazz as much as we do.

KNKX Studio Sessions are recorded and produced live in our Seattle studios. Listeners may also subscribe to our Studio Sessions podcast with AppleGoogleTuneIn or Spotify


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