A Billie Holiday Tribute in concert on Jazz Northwest

The Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra presents a Tribute to Billie Holiday, with guest vocalist Jacqueline Tabor. Saxophones: Travis Ranney, Sidney Hauser, Michael Brockman, Mark Taylor, Alex Dugdale; Trombones: Scott Brown, Dan Marcus, Bill Anthony, Dave Bentley; Trumpets: Michael Van Bebber, Mike Mines, Jay Thomas, Nathan Breedlove; Piano: Randy Halberstadt; Bass: Phil Sparks; Drums: Julian MacDonough Co-Artistic Directors: Clarence Acox, Michael Brockman

The iconic American singer Billie Holiday is subject of tribute concerts by the Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra and guest vocalist Jacqueline Tabor performed at Kirkland Performance Center and Benaroya Hall in Seattle.

The iconic American Singer Billie Holiday was active from the mid-1930s until her death in 1959 and her recordings are considered classics, still influencing singers today. Jacqueline Tabor has been performing professionally since 2005, has release three albums and currently leads her own band. She has won the Kobe Jazz Queen competition including a tour of Japan, has been named Northwest Vocalist of the Year at Earshot’s Golden Ear Awards and is nominated for the award again this year.

Clarence Acox and Michael Brockman are co-artistic directors of The Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra, which presents an annual series of concerts in Seattle, Kirkland and Everett.

Jazz Northwest is recorded and produced by host Jim Wilke and airs Sundays at 2 p.m. on KNKX Public Radio. Listeners may also subscribe to the podcast on Apple or Google

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