Jazzmeia Horn Studio Session—From the Archives

In 2018, Jazzmeia Horn came to the world headquarters of Jazz24 and KNKX Public Radio for an exclusive performance that showcased her stunning vocals.

Musically, Horn was raised in a Baptist church choir. She was put here by the Creator to make music, Horn told us, and it’s hard to argue that point. Her skills as a singer transcend standard jazz vocalists, Horn uses her voice as an instrumentalist would. Only she’s able to mimic a symphony with her impressive pipes, wailing like a sax or popping and cracking like a drummer.

After you listen the full set, visit YouTube for an archive of all the exclusive Studio Sessions put out by KNKX and Jazz24.

KNKX Studio Sessions are recorded and produced live in our Seattle studios. Listeners may also subscribe to our Studio Sessions podcast with Apple, Google, or Spotify.

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