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Album Of The Week: Bill Evans And Eddie Gomez – Intuition

My intro to Bill Evans, unknowingly, might’ve come from hip hop samples, but since starting with Jazz24, I’ve become more familiar with the pianist and his long discography. From his powerful trios which featured a ton of legends, to his own solo works, where his sound could fill a whole room just with his piano. On a random day, I searched through Bill’s discography, and pressed play on this 1975 gem, featuring longtime trio member and bassist Eddie Gomez for this lush album Intuition.

As a novice, you know what you like, but you not necessarily what you don’t, so to me, all of what I’ve heard from Bill is great. His duo album with Gomez, however, really stands out to me as this was the first time I heard Bill on the Electric piano, Rhodes Keyboard. No drums, tricks or frills for these two, as this was apparently a dream album for Bill since Eddie joined his trio in 1966.

Longtime fans of Bill weren’t as fond of his usage of the Rhodes, but his slight departure from the acoustic makes this one of his more interesting albums. Best example of him using both instruments is on the second track titled Blue Serge

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