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Jahari Stampley Is ‘Still Listening’

Cover art for an album.
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Jahari Stampley's ‘Still Listening’

Jahari Stampley is emerging as a modern Jazz innovator, recognized as a prolific pianist, composer, producer and educator. A well-seasoned professional at the at of 23, he has carved out a place for himself as a next-generation explorer of music.

His new album, Still Listening, is a mixture of solo piano and ensemble selections, is a collection of Jahari’s innovative and virtuosic Jazz expressions that takes the listener on a transcendent musical journey. His melodies & rhythms encompass elements from the past and showcase innovations for the future.

“When Jahari plays he colors and paints the music in a way that soars; to me it’s transcendent and other worldly – just amazing” – Robert Irving III, pianist, arranger, composer for Miles Davis, Ramsey Lewis, Randy Hall. 

He began playing piano at the age of 14 and was quickly swept into the music world. In just a few short years; his innate ability to create fresh tapestries of sound led him to win many competitions, perform solo concerts internationally and to tour with renowned Jazz artists including Stanley Clarke, Derrick Hodge and Keyon Harrold, among many others. He has played many of the world’s most prestigious venues including Radio City Music Hall, The Met Philadelphia, Byline Bank Aragon (Chicago), SF Jazz, Blue Note Tokoyo, Umeå Jazz Festival (Sweden), and many more.

Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, Terae Stefon looks to make his mark on an ever changing city. A Graduate of Franklin High School, he then attended Saint Martin’s University, majoring in English and Journalism. Terae found his way into radio by volunteering at local community radio stations HollowEarth and RainierAvenue Radio in Seattle and then at Total Traffic, keeping the region moving as a traffic reporter and producer.