Posi-Tone Celebrates Wayne Shorter

Posi-Tone Honors Wayne Shorter with 'Blue Ballads' Album

The Music world has greatly mourned the recent passing of Wayne Shorter. Members of Posi-Tone label honored his wonderful life and inspirational music with their newest album Shorter Moments “Blue Ballads”. Featuring current members from the Posi-Tone stable, this musical offering was originally scheduled to be a present for his 90th birthday later this year. Although Wayne’s not around to hear, fortunately listeners can find comfort and joy in remembrance of this beautiful person. With this second installment of Shorter Moments, the label celebrates the sheer beauty and genius of Wayne’s ballad compositions, lovingly performed over the recent years by a wide variety of artists from our talented roster. Artist include: Diego Rivera, Josh Lawrence, Markus Howell, Alex Sipiagin, Blue Moods, Alexa Tarantino, Altin Sencalar, Alex Sipiagin and Roxy Coss. 

Terae Stefon

Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, Terae Stefon looks to make his mark on an ever-changing city. A graduate of Franklin High School, he then attended Saint Martin’s University, majoring in English and Journalism. Terae found his way into radio by volunteering at local community radio stations HollowEarth and RainierAvenue Radio in Seattle and then at Total Traffic, keeping the region moving as a traffic reporter and producer. Terae’s excited to get back into music radio with Jazz24 and KNKX as well as dusting off his writing chops to share stories about the music, the artists and beyond. You can currently catch Terae during the week on Jazz24 and special projects on KNKX.

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