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As Donald Vega Travels…

Imagery Records
Tiger Turn

Celebrated pianist and composer Donald Vega elegantly crafts a sonic autobiography with As I Travel – an ode to the family and community that empowered him to make the physical and metaphorical journey to where he is today, released October 27, 2023 via Imagery Records/Tiger Turn.

Vega is a luminary whose accolades are rivaled only by the scope of his vision. A native of Nicaragua, Vega emigrated to the United States at age 14 and has been shaped powerfully by the people and experiences who have walked with him from his childhood through to the musician and person he is today. As I Travel, set to be Vega’s fourth album as a bandleader, is a programmatic, autobiographical suite of compositions inspired by his voyage – both geographically as an immigrant and intangibly as he has been molded through the lives of others. Featuring an all-star roster of Lewis Nash (drums), John Patitucci (bass), and Luisito Quintero (percussion), As I Travel highlights the interactive and interconnected nature of what it means to learn and grow as a human being.

As I Travel depicts poignant moments in the personal journey of Donald Vega beginning from his hometown in Masaya, Nicaragua through his worldwide travels performing as an established artist. Vega illustrates this emotional journey, leaving his home country due to civil war and entering America as an undocumented immigrant through a mix of original compositions. The album continues with a joyful exploration of Vega’s move to NYC, an ultimate stepping stone leading to worldwide performances. This album takes listeners on a musical journey full of melodic harmonies, symphonic rhythms and latin swing that is sure to leave them blown away and wanting more.

Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, Terae Stefon looks to make his mark on an ever changing city. A Graduate of Franklin High School, he then attended Saint Martin’s University, majoring in English and Journalism. Terae found his way into radio by volunteering at local community radio stations HollowEarth and RainierAvenue Radio in Seattle and then at Total Traffic, keeping the region moving as a traffic reporter and producer.