Theo Croker’s latest album BLK2LIFE || A FUTURE PAST is his first since the critically acclaimed Star People Nation, the album which earned him a GRAMMY Nomination.

Brought to life by a myriad of fellow cultural renegades including Wyclef Jean, Ari Lennox, Gary Bartz, and more BLK2LIFE || A FUTURE PAST is threaded together by Theo’s trumpet providing a journey which unfolds in technicolor on his sixth full-length offering.

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“This record was composed like a film score,” Theo explains of the album. “I want the listener to feel like they are in the movie.” A contemporary oratorio, the 13 tracks encompassing BLK2LIFE || A FUTURE PAST are inspired by the forgotten hero’s journey towards self-actualization within the universal origins of blackness. An affirmation of the hero’s creative identity, the narrative explores traditions of the past, their foundations in the present, and potential explorations into the future. A sonic celebration of Afro-origin, BLK2LIFE || A FUTURE PAST is ultimately a reclamation of the culture, for the culture. Written in the solitude of his childhood home in Leesburg, Florida during the pandemic much of the album was informed by psilocybin meditations and astral travels. By retreating inward, Theo extracted a universal story with major implications and spiritual resonances.

“I imbibed into psilocybin meditations and astral travels, spent hours in nature in silence, faced the darkest parts of myself, reviewed my family’s library of ancient metaphysical texts, and opened the channel to my ancestors for guidance. The truths, peace, and love I found within myself are invaluable.”

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