Drummer Charles Goold’s album ‘Rhythm In Contrast’ available now

Charles Goold, is one of New York City’s hardest working jazz drummers of his generation, and has performed with a wide variety of acts across varying styles from Wynton Marsalis & JALC, to rap icons Cam’Ron, Talib Kweli, and Ghostface Killah. For his newest album Rhythm in Contrast, Goold uses these experiences to propel the sound of his group NuBopCity, a blend of Hard Bop, Hip Hop, Funk and Afro-Carribean influences. 

Drummer Charles Goold Debut album ‘Rhythm in Contrast’ is available now!

Track after track, the drummer calls on the most important people and causes in his life, and he wrote about them. Rhythm in Contrast is the latest step for Goold in an already remarkable career path. The album reflects on all of his journeys:

“I like a lot of the styles of music, and I think they all have equal ability to give that goosebumps feeling. And when you mix them together, you can convey that to other people and lift them up.”

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