Eliane Elias Mirror Mirror

Eliane Elias

Pianist Eliane Elias releases a new album of duets with the late Chick Corea and Cuban pianist and composer Chucho Valdés. These duets are very special to Eliane Elias, as they are with two legendary pianists who have strongly influenced her work.

The sessions are full of spontaneity as the music was not explicitly prepared ahead of time. The only preparations made were song suggestions between the artists.
The process of recording was equally as spontaneous. Upon arriving at the studio, the artists immediately started playing, without any discussions of any kind, not even to count off the songs. Lifetimes dedicated to the art of listening, communicating, proposing and answering through music and improvising, are on display here. These recordings are full of heart, passion and energy.

“It was fun, magical and effortless” says Elias. “To me it was a dream come true.”
The album is an instrumental blend of Cuban and Brazilian rhythms, inside the deep rooted Latin Jazz tradition of Elias music. And when listening in stereo, Eliane’s piano is on the left, Chick and Chucho’s are on the right.

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