Roxy Coss Quintet Releases Set of Dynamic, Collaborative New Music on ‘Disparate Parts,’ available now

In 2018, the Roxy Coss Quintet established its sound. Today, the band is evolving its concept. Outside in Music is proud to announce the March 25, 2022 release of their newest record, Disparate Parts. The anticipated follow up to Coss’ acclaimed release Quintet (2019), Disparate Parts features familiar personnel in a brand new context: Coss on tenor and soprano saxophone, Alex Wintz on guitar, Miki Yamanaka on piano and keyboards, Rick Rosato on bass and Jimmy Macbride on drums. Known for their conversational expression, the artists approach fresh ideas with a sacred connection to their tradition-informed identity. Together, they navigate new harmony, rhythmic modulations and wildly diverse textures across 14 tracks of original music framing the impetus for the album: Coss’ four-movement suite, “The Body,” “The Mind,” “The Heart” and “The Spirit.”

“Everything for me goes back to being a woman in jazz,” says Coss, who also serves as album producer. “That is my identity. And, oftentimes, the different things that I do in my life are either for a certain part of me or accessing a certain part of me, and they’re not integrated. And each of these pieces of the suite are the disparate parts. As the project progressed, I went through the life changes of being pregnant and, now, being a new mom, and felt that concept manifesting itself even more so in my own life.”

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