Watch New Orleans Musicians Perform A Socially Distanced Funeral Song

Relative to other states, Louisiana experienced an early spike in COVID-19 cases and on March 16, the city of New Orleans issued social distancing guidelines that advised against gatherings of more than 10 people. That included funerals. When a few names on the deceased list hit close to home, Brass-a-Holics bandleader Winston “Trombone” Turner felt they needed to be honored like they would have been, ordinarily — with music. So, in a moment when so many are offering what they can for the common good, Turner picked up his horn and called a few friends to record a performance of “I’ll Fly Away” in City Park. It’s a song played at almost every traditional New Orleans funeral that allows the congregation to celebrate the passing of a soul from one life to the next.

Set List

  • “I’ll Fly Away” (Albert E. Brumley)


Emeka Dibia (Mecca Notes): voice; Winston Turner: trombone; Tannon “Fish” Williams: trumpet


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