Jazz24 Streaming Links

Use these links below on your receiver, streaming player or other device that can take a URL for internet streaming. We offer a variety of codecs and quality to best suite a variety of devices and internet connections. 

Some devices cannot take a secure stream. Simply remove the “S” from HTTPS and try again. 

Playlist Links

48K AAC: https://live.wostreaming.net/playlist/ppm-jazz24aac48-ibc1.m3u

64K AAC: https://live.wostreaming.net/playlist/ppm-jazz24aac-ibc1.m3u

256k AAC: https://live.wostreaming.net/playlist/ppm-jazz24aac256-ibc1.m3u

128k MP3: https://live.wostreaming.net/playlist/ppm-jazz24mp3-ibc1.m3u

Direct Links

48K AAC: https://live.wostreaming.net/direct/ppm-jazz24aac48-ibc1

64K AAC: https://live.wostreaming.net/direct/ppm-jazz24aac-ibc1

256k AAC: https://live.wostreaming.net/direct/ppm-jazz24aac256-ibc1

128k MP3: https://live.wostreaming.net/direct/ppm-jazz24mp3-ibc1